Wapiti Solutions offers you its skills to carry out a feasibility study, establish a migration strategy or formalize an economic study.

Thanks to the expertise and personalized approach Wapiti Solutions prides on, your Linux/Unix system administration will become simple and an integral component of your business processes. Each consultant offers many years of business experience. Therefore, we can better understand your needs and the specific details of your environment while keeping focus on the stakes related to profitability, stability and overall infrastructure performance.

Wapiti Solutions’s team can also undertake the maintenance and evolution of your business’ network infrastructure. Because of its vast experience, our team has the necessary skills to answer to all your business’ needs in a vast amount of fields.

Our Service Offer

  • Linux Web server integration (Apache, nginx, etc.)
  • E-mail management
  • Set-up of firewall under Linux, of Cisco routers, of DNS and Proxy servers
  • Intranet set-up
  • Linux or Unix system administration and maintenance
  • LAN administration
  • Database management under Linux or Unix
  • Installation, configuration, upgrading and maintenance of operating systems, hardware and software
  • Problem solving / troubleshooting
  • Deployment of up-to-date and reliable system administration procedures such as backup and recovery
  • Systems performance optimization
  • Infrastructure growth and expansion planning
  • Technical / technological document drafting