With increased Online presence nowadays, businesses are constantly the target of computer-based attacks such as denial of service, viruses, breach or other types. These can be extremely stressful for an organization and its infrastructure. It is therefore of the utmost importance to thread prevention procedures and responses to these attacks.

Our experts have a comprehensive understanding of the urgency to respond in order to protect your data and expedite the restoration of your systems to their fully operational state.

Our team at Wapiti Solutions also offers action plan drafting, as a preventive measure that will enable you to dodge impending attacks and to keep your systems updated, therefore correcting possible flaws and weaknesses.

Thanks to our experience, to an effective and personalized action plan and to our preventive security audit report, you will be able to respond effectively to your IT security issues.

Our Service Offer

  • Risk assessment
  • Recommendations list
  • Action plan
  • Technical counter-valuation